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DropIt Requirements

DropIt is a very useful and timesaving program for those who like to organize their files and folders in their computer. All you have to do is download it for free, install it and you are done.

But now let's focus on its requirements (this page is an extract from the SRS Document).

User Classes and Characteristics

All kind of users:
DropIt is a powerful, yet easy program to use so, all users with some basic experience with computers are able to use it efficiently.

Open source software developers and contributors:
- Software Developers: People with very good knowledge of programming language project, in order to understand and be able to extend project's source code.
- Translators: People of all age groups with very good knowledge of a language not included in the current translation list.
- Anyone who wants to help FOSS community. The whole project is based on the conception of Free and Open Source Software, so all people are welcome to contribute any way they can/like.

Operating Environment

DropIt should run on these Operating Systems: Win2K / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1.

There is no longer a 64-bit version, but the 32-bit is working perfectly on all systems listed above.

It is written in a Windows-depended language, so unfortunately it won't run on a Linux-based system or Mac.

Design and Implementation Constraints

DropIt is under the GNU General Public License Version 2, June 1991.

Everyone, that does or is going to develop or use DropIt, should agree and fully accept the terms of this kind of license.

Anyway, DropIt can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

User and Communications Interfaces

User interface of this program is the common Windows interface, nothing additional is required.

All the program's features are available offline. You only need an internet connection to download the program, update it and (optionally) to get more target images for your personal profiles.

Performance Requirements

DropIt is a light application that needs very few system resources in order to work.

It is designed not to delay the system from other key processes and the response time of the program is direct.

Furthermore, the user is able to check for new versions of the program just by clicking a button. In this way DropIt will be always up-to-date with all new supported features and bug fixes.

Safety Requirements

There have been a few reports that some antiviruses (such as Symantec AV or Webroot Secure Anywhere) “see” DropIt as a potential threat.

Obviously this is a false alarm, the program is 100% safe to use.

Besides, DropIt is an open-source project, so anyone who has doubts is able to check the source code.

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