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How to remove empty folders

DropIt allows to perform several operations on your files. Sometimes they are minor features, but still useful. An example is the support to remove empty folders and subfolders.

To do it you simply need to follow these steps.

Step 1

Uncheck “Scan subfolders and not try to process them” from DropIt Options (it is required, otherwise subfolders will be always scanned and not processed as items).

Optionally check “Ignore unassociated files/folders” from DropIt Options (it is not required, but avoids the need to decide how to process other files).

Step 2

Create this association:

Name: Remove Empty Subfolders
Rules: **
Additional Filters: Size < 1 byte
Action: Delete
Destination: Directly Remove

Step 3

Drag-and-drop the main folder you want to scan, to remove included empty subfolders.

Note that it will remove all subfolders “smaller than 1 byte”, so also if they include empty files and folders.

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