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How to use as a file associator

You already know that file types are associated by Windows with a single program that can use it.

What that means is that when Microsoft Word was installed by you, it told Windows that if you click on a DOC file then make Windows use Microsoft Word (associate itself) with the DOC file and then Word knows to open it for you.

In easy to understand terms, windows makes DOC files to use WORD to open them. DOC is associated with WORD.

Well, that's all good, but what if you have a PORTABLE application that is on your Flash Drive or in a folder on your external F: drive? No association can be made because Windows didn't INSTALL and REGISTER it.

DropIt to the rescue again.

Use the rules and associations of DropIt to make your TED (editor) on the F: drive be used when you click on a TXT file, or an INI file.

Tutorial under development

» using Open With action to open files with portable applications

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