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How to organize music by tag

You can use DropIt to organize your mp3 files into subfolders named with music tags.

You can use Abbreviations to customize the destination field of your associations. The selected abbreviations will be added in your destination field and during process they will be replaced with the correct file tags.

Now are reported some examples of associations.

Example 1

Name: My Music by Artist and Album
Rules: *.mp3
Action: Move
Destination: C:\Music\%SongArtist%\%SongAlbum%

Example 2

Name: My Music by Genre and Artist
Rules: *.mp3
Action: Move
Destination: C:\Music\%SongGenre%\%SongArtist%

Example 3

Name: Organize My Music
Rules: *.mp3
Action: Move
Destination: C:\Music\%SongYear%\%SongArtist% – %SongAlbum%

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