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How to compress your files

If you are looking for a program to easily create new archives, DropIt can be the solution.

You only need to configure it the first time and then you will be able to compress files and folders with a simple drag-and-drop.

Use DropIt as Archiver

The easiest way to use DropIt to compress files and folders is to create the Archiver special profile:

  1. open the Customize Profiles window (from Profiles » Customize)
  2. right-click the list of profiles and select Examples » Archiver
  3. close the Customize Profiles and switch to the new profile (selecting it from Profiles)
  4. drag-and-drop files/folders on the floating icon to compress them (as ZIP archives)

Customize Compression

Now, if you want, you can customize compression creating and editing associations.

Tutorial under development

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