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 ===== Using a Total Commander button ===== ===== Using a Total Commander button =====
-''​Tutorial under development''​+This is simple: drag "​DropIt.exe"​ to an empty space on //Total Commander//'s button bar and a shortcut is created. Now right-click on this new button and select ​''​Change...''. In the dialog box type ''​%P%S''​ to the Parameters field. This will pass paths of selected files to DropIt.
-''>>​ add http://​''​+{{ :dropit_tc_button.png?​direct&​300 |}} 
 +Now if you select files in //Total Commander// and then click on this button, DropIt will ask you for a profile and will sort your files. 
 +To further polish this button, you can specify the profile to be used. Add your profile name at the beginning of the Parameter field, so it should read ''​-MyProfile %P%S''​. Now you can create buttons for your most used profiles and use them without ​DropIt running in the background. 
 +**Tip:** instead of using absolute path to DropIt, you can use //Total Commander//'''​%COMMANDER_PATH%''​ variable in the path (only if DropIt and //Total Commander// are on the same drive): 
 +{{ :​dropit_tc_button_relattivepaths.png?​direct&​300 |}}
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