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-====== How to use as a file associatior ​======+====== How to use as a file associator ​======
-''​Tutorial under development''​+You already know that file types are associated by Windows with a single program that can use it.
-''>>​ using Open With action ​to open files with portable applications''​+What that means is that when Microsoft Word was installed by you, it told Windows that if you click on a DOC file then make Windows use Microsoft Word (associate itself) with the DOC file and then Word knows to open it for you.
 +In easy to understand terms, Windows makes DOC files to use WORD to open them.\\
 +DOC is associated with WORD.
 +Well, that's all good, but what if you have a PORTABLE application that is on your Flash Drive, in a folder on your external ''​F:''​ drive or also on your local drive? No association can be made because Windows didn't INSTALL and REGISTER it.
 +**DropIt to the rescue again. You can use it as a file associator**!
 +===== Example =====
 +**You can create the following association to make your TED (a text editor) on the ''​F:''​ drive be used when you click on a TXT file, or an INI file:**
 +Name: ''​Open with TED''​\\
 +Rules: ''​*.txt;​*.ini''​\\
 +Action: ''​Open With''​\\
 +Destination:​ ''​F:​\Portable Software\TED\TED.exe''​
 +From the "​Configure"​ button of the Destination field you can also select "''​Pause until opened file is closed''"​. It is useful if you want to open several files one by one, in programs that allow to open them one at a time.
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