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 ====== How to rename and move your files ====== ====== How to rename and move your files ======
-''​Tutorial under development''​+Yes, with DropIt you can also rename and move your files with a single process.\\ 
 +You only need to correctly configure an association with "​Rename"​ action.
-''​>> describe ​the support ​to define destination paths in rename field''​+\\ 
 +===== Example 1 ===== 
 +**This is an example of association that adds the image Date Taken at the beginning of my photos and moves them in a defined destination:​** 
 +Name: ''​Move and Rename my Photos''​\\ 
 +Rules: ''​*.jpg''​\\ 
 +Action: ''​Rename''​\\ 
 +Destination:​ ''​C:​\Example\Of\Destination\%DateTaken% %FileName%.%FileExt%''​ 
 +For more info about abbreviations (the special words between % percentage symbols) you can read:\\ 
 +[[howto:​customize_destinations|How ​to customize destinations]] 
 +===== Example 2 ===== 
 +**In this second example the names of my documents are capitalized and separated ​in folders by their Date Modified:​** 
 +Name: ''​Capitalize and Sort my Docs''​\\ 
 +Rules: ''​*.doc;​*.docx''​\\ 
 +Action: ''​Rename''​\\ 
 +Destination:​ ''​C:​\MyDocs\%DateModified%\%FileName#​+++%.%FileExt%''​ 
 +For more info about abbreviation modifiers (in this case the ''#​+++''​ string) you can read:\\ 
 +[[howto:​customize_abbreviations|How to customize abbreviations]]
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