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-====== How to move files recreating the folder structure ====== 
-This is a interesting feature of DropIt, because allow you to move your files in a destination directory, recreating the original folder structure. 
-You can for example drag&​drop a folder like:\\ 
-To move files like:\\ 
-In a new destination like:\\ 
-As you can see, DropIt has recreated ''​\Subdirectory''​ of your files. And it works also with other actions like Copy, Compress, Extract, etc. (in general with all the actions that have a destination folder) 
-===== Example ===== 
-Let's consider that I have a main ''​Media''​ folder that contains subfolders of music, movies and other stuff. I'm not very neat, so there are some subfolders that contain ''​mp3'',​ ''​txt'',​ ''​doc'',​ ''​avi''​ __together__. 
-Now I want to extract only ''​mp3''​ files from there, but I want to keep the folder structure, because subfolders have names like ''​U2'',​ ''​REM'',​ ''​Taylor Swift'',​ etc. 
-What I need is to create a single association of DropIt, something like this:\\ 
-Name: ''​Move my music''​\\ 
-Rules: ''​*.mp3''​\\ 
-Action: ''​Move''​\\ 
-Destination:​ ''​C:​\My Music\%SubDir%''​ 
-And then drag&​drop the ''​Media''​ folder on DropIt (yes, the folder that contains all my media files). The result will be something like this:\\ 
-''​C:​\My Music**\REM**\Everybody Hurts.mp3''​\\ 
-''​C:​\My Music**\REM**\Losing My Religion.mp3''​\\ 
-''​C:​\My Music**\Taylor Swift**\Love Story.mp3''​\\ 
-''​C:​\My Music**\Taylor Swift**\You Belong With Me.mp3''​\\ 
-''​C:​\My Music**\U2**\Beautiful Day.mp3''​\\ 
-''​C:​\My Music**\U2**\With or Without You.mp3''​ 
-In bold you can see the folder structure recreated in this case by DropIt. 
-An additional tip: from DropIt Options you can select "​Ignore unassociated files/​folders"​. It will help in this case, to ignore all other file formats during the process and do not have the popup message that asks if create new associations for them. 
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