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 ===== Customize Compression ===== ===== Customize Compression =====
-Now, if you want, you can customize compression ​settings ​editing ​the associations.+Now, if you want, you can customize compression ​creating and editing associations. ​For additional information you could read:\\ 
 +[[howto:​manage_your_associations|How to manage your associations]]
-''​Tutorial under development''​+Some tips and tricks: 
 +  * if you want to create an archive for each loaded file/​folder,​ a possible solution is to define a destination like ''​C:​\Example\''​, to automatically use the original filename for the archives; 
 +  * if you want to create the archive in the same directory of the compressed files/​folders,​ you can simply define a "​Destination"​ like ''​''​ (a relative path); 
 +  * if you want to remove the source file/folder after compression,​ you can easily enable this option from "​Configure"​ window of each association;​ 
 +  * from the same window you can also define the compression settings (format, level, method, encryption);​ 
 +  * if you try compress files/​folders in a already existent archive, one of the supported solutions is to "​Merge"​ them to the archive; 
 +  * if you want, you can also create archives defining different extensions (like XPI or JA) in destination,​ but using the supported algorithms (ZIP and 7Z) for compression.
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